why ko-pserver.com

How come Ko-PServer.com?


How did the first top lists come about?

Toplist sites have been an integral part of the Knight Online p-server scene for years. When they started at the beginning, the intention was that the players can see which servers were voted for with such a large selection of servers.

The ranking was actually formed by the number of players on the server. Thus, the servers that currently have the most players are always placed at the top. Of course, smaller servers suffered because over time, players only played the servers that are at the top because they have more players. It was thought that the more players, the better the server.

The turning point

This affected the approach of the SA's and the top list operators. The server leaders started looking for ways to push their server votes. The top list operators saw this as a new opportunity. It no longer mattered that players voted, because they would be on the top list anyway. Now one could make money by selling server ladders rankings on the top list at inflated prices.

From now on, it was all the more difficult for good servers to assert themselves, because the money factor took over. Over the years, this spectacle has been seen through, but there is still no real alternative.

The change

This is exactly why we decided to offer a toplist that is free, independent and critical of this system. After all these years we want to do something good for the scene. This is our way of saying thank you to the players who have supported the servers over the years. Because of you, the game of Knight Online has evolved. Not only the Knight Online P-Server scene, but also Knight Online itself. You were forced to evolve.

Apart from that, we also had other reasons. We want to surpass ourselves and generally further develop the toplist industry. It shouldn't be a simple site that you visit briefly and see who's number 1. Especially since this position should not only be formed through votes, but also through serious criticism and dealing with the server. More information should be offered to the searching player so that he can get a better picture of a server.

We also offer server managers opportunities to improve their server. Various tutorials on technology, free releases and much more!


In order for us to grow and for the free, independent and critical portal to prevail, we obviously need your help! Not only the help of the server managers, but also that of the players. Trust is the basis of our project. Let's create a top list together where you can find the server that suits you and the server that deserves it is placed at the top.