Private Servers Types

What are the different types of Knight Online P-Servers?


It is often very important for players in which direction a server is going. Is it an old school server, mid school or new school? These terms say a lot about a server. But what exactly do these terms mean?

What is an old school server?

  • slow leveling
  • little new content
  • achieving skills, switchers, uppitems is hard

What is a mid school server?

  • pleasant leveling
  • new features, maps, equipment, cosmetic items

What is a new school server?

  • often high max level
  • quick leveling
  • many new features, maps or equipment
  • high damage values

What is a mix school server?

  • Elements from old-, mid-, new school server
  • Reaching the final content takes a long time
  • pleasant leveling
  • new features, maps or equipment

What is a pvp server?

  • Goal is pure pvp between players
  • very few features
  • often you start with a fixed level and hardly level up
  • character ready for pvp within a short time

What is an official like server?

  • Concept based on the official Knight Online
  • Features, maps, dungeons, equipment only slightly changed
  • Slower leveling
  • achieving perfect bonuses, equipment or features (e.g. dragonstone alchemy) is hard

The story

When the first Knight Online P-Servers were found on the net, these distinctions did not yet exist. The terms have evolved over time due to the mass of servers. One thing is clear. The official Knight Online is pay2win and it is based on the fact that some things are very difficult to achieve. Because of this, the first servers that were similar in pace to the official server were labeled old school. Good old Knight Online as we know it. Few new things, traditional max level, equipment, maps etc.

Over time, more and more new things were added by P-Server developers. New maps, shinings, equipment, etc. Since they have basically moved too far away from old school servers, they have been called mid school servers.

At a certain point, so much time had passed that there were servers that only had new things in the game and had very little to do with the old stuff. As the name suggests, these were called new school servers. New school servers level up fast, have a lot of yang, research a lot of new things and apart from the looks it has little to do with the Knight Online as we know it.

Almost all Knight Online P-Servers are defined by these 3 terms and each category has its fanbase. However, there are players who don't care what type of server it is, they just want to play a good server. In another blog we tried to describe what makes a good server.

Apart from that, there are still outliers that cannot be assigned directly to any of these categories. For example, it is possible that a server has a lot of new things, you level up a bit faster, but it takes a long time to reach the end. There is no common name for it, but you could call it a mix school.

Another outlier are pvp servers, which are all about having fast and easy pvp fun. Usually you start with such servers with a fixed level and only enjoy the game for a short time.

Our last point would be a sub-category of old school, which has found its place with the players over the years and that would be offi like servers. Offi like servers are servers that are almost identical to the official server, just slightly modified, i.e. you level up faster, get switchers a little easier, there are other offers in the item shop, etc.

What type of player are you? Find your server with us, and maybe try other types, because the servers only develop through the players!